Simon Vinh is a service designer working in contexts ranging from public sector services, interactive technologies, youth homelessness and financial services. Since 2012, he’s been blending his backgrounds in Human centered design, systems thinking and interaction design to help organisations (re)design their customer experiences and formulate their design strategy.

Simon Vinh graduated with a Master’s Degree in Design & Complexity from the University of Montreal after completing his bachelor in industrial design. He started his career in interactive and digital media arts working with the Society for Arts and Technology exploring creative uses for immersive interactive technologies in performance arts, education, sustainable development and healthcare.

These days he works as a design consultant helping organizations build human-centered service experiences and empowering people with the knowledge and confidence to create their best future.



Secret Sauce


Systems thinking is my “weapon of choice” to bring clarity to the complexities of ever changing environments.

Systems mapping requires some time, honest conversations and an appetite for hard questions. But when people see their organisation in a new light or understand the challenges they face in a way they never had before, all efforts are worth while as the pathways to elegant and meaningful transformation come into focus.

All contexts are fluid. Any single point of view is only a glimpse of the puzzle — often frozen in time — but you, you want a full portrait for you and tour team. You want a deep understanding of your context, your organisation, customers, internal processes and you want this understanding to evolve as your environment changes. This is just the beginning of what Systems Thinking allows us to do.

I combine human-centered design and integrative thinking with visual facilitation as the starting point for my RD&D process

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