people I've worked with

Service Designer - [SAT] Living Lab

Spearheading a shift in the design culture of the Living Lab / Technology Transfer group. I guide departments through the discovery and development of new service & products, and help the plan their strategy in the deployment of new software, hardware and service solutions.

The [SAT]Living Lab group is specialized in open innovation.


2016.05 - 2017.02

UX Designer & User Researcher//consultant

Scenic - High-bandwidth multipoint data routing software for art performances. 

Bibliolab - Immersive telepresence full-room device used to connect local and regional libraries to share knowledge and reconnect communities throughout the province of Quebec. 

Splash - Video mapping manager allowing the use of an unlimited array of video projectors to map seamless video on complex surfaces.


Service design Consultant

Implementing Service design methodologies at scale with Personafy. Personafy is an in-house service design toolkit that facilitates and accelerates user research allowing for rapid and effective delivery of actionable customer analytics and design insights.

2014 -

Service Design & Strategy Consultant  

Some projects are confidential - Responsibilities include Service design, Organizational analysis, Workshop planning and facilitation for private and public sector organisations ranging from financial, legal, community sectors as well as government.

Clients include Dans la RueDistrict CentralMAIH and more.


Service Designer (contract)

This project is confidential -  Digital transformation of a public-sector service. Full research and re-design with the Strategy & Transformation team.

Organisations I support

2016 -

Board Administrator

"Par B.L.eux, the company for contemporary creation, re-defines dance by emphasizing the importance of dialogue between choreographers and collaborators. BenoƮt Lachambre puts into practice an approach that shares Somatic practices, that he draws upon for his creations, performances and workshops."

2014 -

Graphic designer

The Orchestre Symphonique de l'Agora is a non-profit orchestra that organises fund raisers to support social, environmental and humanitarian causes. It is the first symphonic orchestra in Canada to combine social justice and classical music as cornerstones of  it's mission.