The problem with the plan / A frame with no edges

How do you plan for something as unpredictable as crisis in youth youth crisis fluid as the socio-economic landscape. (maybe overreaching here...) 

--> Homeless youth is a wicked problem. 

What Organations need is 1) Focus on their strengths 2) Trust your friends, build a support network (not only your clients need support systems!) 3) Have a framework that allows for adaptation (how are they doing this?... )

(If you keep helping evryone, you will go broke and won't be able to help anyone at all)

As a charity organisation, how do you know when to stop helping and where you 

As a charity org where does helping people collide with self destruction

Where does answering to the cause collide with self destruction  


Michael Slaby at C2 Montreal 2017 "You can't build habits around things that don't happen"

YOU NEED TO GET KIDS TO SHOW UP AT DLR and talk to social workers and engage in their own develoment. But they won't do that without a good reason. Food, has always been the basis for Father Emmett Johns (“Pops”) and DLR's action.

Monument Valley, Utah

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Denali National Park

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This One Tree Somewhere

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