Hi, I'm Simon Vinh

I work with companies in various industries to discover Design insights for strategic business impact.

With a specialty in design systemics, I help bring clarity to complex problems and enable organisations with the confidence to enact meaningful change.

Together, through a strategic design process, we discover opportunities and gain greater understanding of the business environment which enables us to leverage Design Intelligence for maximum impact.


people I've worked with

The [SAT] is a leader in the development of immersive technologies and the use of very high-bandwith networks. The SAT was created to support a new generation of creators and researchers in the digital age through it's triple mission as a Centre for artists, Research hub and Learning space.

Society for Arts and technology

"The [SAT] is an international leader in immersive technology development and the use of high-bandwith networks. Through it's triple mission as a Centre for artists, Research hub and Learning space, the [SAT] supports a new generation of digital creators and researchers."

Service Design Lead - Special Projects

The new Special Projects team is driving the in-house design culture at the SAT by discovering new markets and contexts in which to apply the SAT's technologies and expertise. As the SAT looks to the future and the interweaving of arts, technology and society, the need for a strong design process has become clear.

With a blend of expertise in design thinking, service design and research, I am responsible of design strategy and integrating service design processes in the development and deployment of new products and technologies created by the SAT.

2017.03 -

2016.05 - 2017.02

UX Researcher

As a User Experience Researcher I established performance indicators and usability metrics for the Scenic software, a high-bandwidth data routing software for art performances. I extracted actionable insights and recommendations from user tests and interviews with users and industry specialists.

I also participated in designing and testing the user experience for Bibliolab, an immersive telepresence full-room device used to connect local and regional libraries to share knowledge and reconnect communities throughout the province of Quebec.

Half Serious

"Half Serious designs custom engagement solutions for your digital experience using game mechanics, social tools and applied behavioral psychology."

2016.09 - 2016.12

Service design Consultant

Implementing Service design methodologies at scale.

I participated in the development of an in-house service design web platform used to accelerate processes and effectively deliver actionable customer insights to clients.

FCV Interactive.png

FCV interactive

"FCV Interactive is the user-focused transformation agency. Every day, we redesign organizations and create digital services that people love. With over a decade of expertise working with public and private sector clients, we deliver experiences that make life better."

2016.03 - 2016.04

Service Designer (contract)

As part of the Discovery phase conducted and analysed user interviews to capture user needs and provide an Insights and Recommendations brief. User stories, Customer journey maps and Practical Service Blueprints were used to kick off the re-design of a public-sector service.

I built an ideation workshop involving internal stakeholders to develop the organisation’s Minimum Viable Service.

Logo MDS_couleur.png

Masia développement stratégique

"Masia Développement Stratégique is a business development consultancy specialized in strategic planning and transformation management."

since 2014

Service Design Consultant  

On multiple occasions, I lead the service design effort in various private and public sector organisations where client/user experience considerations were critical to success.

Projects include Youth homelessness, Urban development, Mental health and Legal services

Organisations I support

Par B.L.eux-Logo-noir.png

Par B.L.eux

"Par B.L.eux, the company for contemporary creation, re-defines dance by emphasizing the importance of dialogue between choreographers and collaborators. Benoît Lachambre puts into practice an approach that shares Somatic practices, that he draws upon for his creations, performances and workshops."

since 2016 

Board Administrator


Orchestre Symphonique de l'Agora

"Nous organisons des concerts de musique classique dans le but d’amasser des fonds pour des causes sociales, environnementales ou humanitaires. L’OSA est le premier orchestre symphonique au Canada à jumeler, dans sa mission, économie sociale et musique classique."

since 2014

Graphic designer